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The Ecologica project

Summary of the Ecologica project

Development of central data bank on European level for the education of ecological farming advisers.


Background of the project

In the changing environment of the Agricultural policy of Europe there is a constant need for quality food and healthy environment. This has resulted a growing interest in ecological agriculture. After the Hungarian accession to the European Union Hungary should consider some EU Council Directory related to Agriculture, contained in CARPE program

The goal of the project

  • Coordinated operation of Knowledge and Advisers’ Education Centres and connection of them by Internet.
  • Collection of ecological farming knowledge on the basis of joint server. Ecolibrary development.
  • Development of e-learning education program for further education of organic agricultural advisers
  • Education program accreditation.

The targeted group

The targeted group of project are:

A/ graduated people with agricultural diploma for further education in ecological farming

B/ graduated people with diploma for retrain and reorientation -- no further limit of age.

C/ Unemployment graduated in agricultural sector


Beneficiaries: farmers in organic sector

The expected results of the project: Trained advisers on the field of ecological farming,


  • Adaptation of ecological farming education program for the advisers’ education.

  • Developed data bank for the education of ecological farming advisers and in vocational training too.

  • Developing on-line access system for the participating knowledge centres in the program.

  • E-learning education program for organic farming adviser at participating countries


The effects of the project results

  • Trained adviser can give proper advice in the field of ecological agriculture

  • The knowledge of organic farmers will be extended in professional way.

  • The increased number of ecologically managed farms and gardens in the agriculture and in horticulture.

  • More good quality, healthy food and controlled bio food for the consumers’ table.

  • Healthy environment - the natural environment of the agricultural activity wouldn’t be damaged by harmful chemicals.

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